Papa Murphy’s GF Pizza

I love Pizza! I mean who doesn’t? There are a million ways to customize pizza so that it becomes your own creation. Yet, when I started eating gluten free, pizza wasn’t on my list of mainstream options. I tried numerous recipes for homemade pizza dough, and while some of them turned out decent, they all lacked something.

Then Papa Murphy’s went ahead and did something amazing! They partnered with Udi’s and are now offering gluten free pizza crust! If you have never been to a Papa Murphy’s they offer Take ‘N Bake pizzas, meaning you create it in store, and then take it home to bake whenever you are ready. If you have someone in your household that can eat gluten, but not eggs, I highly recommend the cookie dough! It’s amazing and can be consumed without cooking because it contains no eggs!

You can visit the Papa Murphy’s store locator website to see if a location near you offers the gluten free pizza crust! All of the allergen information for the pizza crust can also be found here.

My favorite Papa Murphy’s pizza is a gluten free crust with pineapple, extra pineapple, extra cheese!


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