I have a major sweet tooth, so becoming Gluten Free meant a major change in the sweets I could eat. I love to bake, but sometimes you just need a cookie…Now! Which means that I have tried many different cookies based on this need and have come across a favorite. I’m sure not all of you will agree, as we all have different tastes, but so far I love these! 



Kinnikinnick Foods makes these KinniToos cookies, which are not only Gluten Free but also Nut Free and Dairy Free! I think they taste almost identical to their look alike, filled with gluten, competitor. (We won’t mention any names.) 

I had my heart set on finding Gluten Free Girl Scout cookies but it seems that these are the hardest cookies to find. I have visited almost every troop in my neighborhood, reached out to military friends, and even contacted out of state troops. No one has these cookies. If anyone reads this and knows someone who does, this girl needs cookies! 

That being said, these are my favorite cookies so far, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be searching for more! Let me know what your favorites are and I might just have to try some! 


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