Cinnamon Rolls

I am a big breakfast fan. So, finding an amazing recipe, that didn’t require too much time, or ingredients was so exciting! I purchase a lot of Bob’s Red Mill items, and have used their pizza crust more than once. What I just realized, or seemed to pay attention to, was the fact that the packages have recipes on them. The pizza crust just so happens to have a recipe for Cinnamon Rolls! Super easy to make, not so quick, but doesn’t require a ton of ingredients or even know how. The recipe does not have an icing, and what are cinnamon rolls without icing? I scoured the internet (Pinterest) and found one that will probably grace my kitchen from now until forever. (It’s that good!)

I purchased my Bob’s Red Mill pizza crust from Big Lots. They generally have a pretty good selection, and their prices are a lot cheaper than any of the other stores in my area. I don’t have any actual pictures, as they were pretty much gone before I could get my camera out! Continue reading


P.F. Chang’s

P.F. Chang’s is one of my absolute favorite places to eat. I end up eating way to much and feel like I need to be rolled out of the restaurant, but nevertheless it’s a favorite. That is until I became gluten free. I am always super picky about where I eat out for fear of cross contamination, or uneducated waiters. (I once asked for something to be Gluten Free, which the menu stated could be done, and ended up leaving early due to getting sick. That’s a story for another day though.) Yet, hubby and I were out and about this weekend, and this also being his favorite restaurant, we thought we would give it a try.

The menu that they hand you when you sit down has gluten free items, and they are specified as gluten free! Craziness! Generally, I have to ask for a separate menu or just research what items I can have from various sources online. Not this time. So the menu tells you exactly what you can have, you just need to make sure to specify from the waiter that you are ordering from the gluten free menu. My waiter was very knowledgeable and helpful when it came to meal choice. 

Another added bonus, they bring you the gluten free items on a plate that says P.F. Chang’s on it. Normal items are served on a plain white plate, but so that there is absolutely no confusion, gluten free items get their own plate! 

The entire experience was absolutely amazing, and the icing on the cake? They have a gluten free dessert! A chocolate flourless dome cake! It was amazing, served with a raspberry sauce and fresh fruit! Let’s just say an old favorite has gained my absolute gluten free approval!



I have a major sweet tooth, so becoming Gluten Free meant a major change in the sweets I could eat. I love to bake, but sometimes you just need a cookie…Now! Which means that I have tried many different cookies based on this need and have come across a favorite. I’m sure not all of you will agree, as we all have different tastes, but so far I love these! 



Kinnikinnick Foods makes these KinniToos cookies, which are not only Gluten Free but also Nut Free and Dairy Free! I think they taste almost identical to their look alike, filled with gluten, competitor. (We won’t mention any names.) 

I had my heart set on finding Gluten Free Girl Scout cookies but it seems that these are the hardest cookies to find. I have visited almost every troop in my neighborhood, reached out to military friends, and even contacted out of state troops. No one has these cookies. If anyone reads this and knows someone who does, this girl needs cookies! 

That being said, these are my favorite cookies so far, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be searching for more! Let me know what your favorites are and I might just have to try some!