Gluten Free Croutons

Today, hubby decided that we should have salad for dinner. Generally, salad is a favorite of mine, but since becoming GF I struggled with the lack of crouton options at the grocery store. Even if I were to find them, I’m sure they would be expensive, as most GF items are. Yet, when preparing dinner I couldn’t help but think that it couldn’t be too hard to make homemade croutons, and that I would give it a shot! They turned out great!!! There’s no pictures, but trust me they were delicious and super easy!

Homemade GF Croutons for One:

2 pieces of GF Bread (I used the “butts” of the bread as I don’t generally eat them.)

3 teaspoons of Olive Oil

Sprinkle of Garlic Salt

Sprinkle of Parsley Flakes

(If you were looking for a more zesty flavor you could try Velata’s Lemon Garlic Artisan Rub sprinkled on instead of the garlic and parsley!)

Instructions: Cut the bread into smaller squares, they can be as big or as little as you like. Then add olive oil, garlic salt, and parsley. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and then put on baking sheet. I already had the oven preheated to 400, and baked them for about 8 minutes. The amount of time you bake them will vary depending on how crispy you want them to be. I like mine super crispy so they may have been in there longer than others may like.

Voila, super easy, Gluten Free croutons to top your GF salad!



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