The Best Brownies EVER!

Brownies, warm gooey chocolate brownies. I love brownies! I often make a pan and my husband and I will grab a fork and finish it off within two days. So being gluten free I knew I needed to find the BEST brownie recipe, also lacking creativity, I bought a mix. Bob’s Red Mill brownie mix was simply the least expensive and therefore the first one I figured I would give a shot. It turned out to be the best decision ever! Not only are these super easy to make, they are gluten free, and they turn out to be the softest brownies I have ever had. Now I usually love the crusty exterior of a brownie, but I have fallen in love with these, which can sort of be described as “cake like”.

It does say in the instructions to use a mixer, but I didn’t feel like lugging out my big mixer so I mixed it with a spoon by hand. You know, the old fashioned way, and it turned out a little lumpy, but this had no affect on the overall product.




A bag of Bob’s Red Mill Brownie Mix, butter, an egg, and vanilla is all you will need to enjoy this delicious treat! Do you have a Gluten Free brownie recipe you’d like to share? 



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