I love Apples! 

It’s getting to be that time of year when you head to the orchard and find the biggest, best bag of apples you can find. Then take them home and try to think of ways to use the biggest bag of apples you’ve ever seen. I am a huge fan of simply eating a fresh apple dipped into peanut butter or caramel. The only setback to this is that I hate having to take an apple, a corer, and a knife with me to work. Yes, I am also picky about how my apples are cut before I eat them. You’ll notice a trend to my pickiness.

Anyways, I stumbled across something, somewhere. Either Pinterest, Facebook, or just some random person saying “Hey try this”! They said that if you dipped an apple, once cut, into Sprite or 7up, it would not brown as fast. I just so happened to have 7up in the house and gave it a shot. 


 I put my apples in face down, as this is the area that browns. I let them sit for upwards of

5-7 minutes, then poured the 7up back into the can (tastes amazing!).



I closed the lid, it’s not super airtight, but tight enough, and placed them in the fridge.

Then 12 hours later to my surprise this is what I found:


They had browned slightly, but definitely not the gushy mess you usually find.

The very first bite had a slight 7up taste, but from there on it was all apple!


I make a Snicker’s salad that includes apples and browning always becomes an issue. So, I may have to try out the recipe with this added tip to see if it makes a difference!



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