EVOL Foods Teriyaki Chicken Bowl


I take my lunch to work everyday as an added way to save a little money. Now that I am gluten free it means taking a little more time planning out what I will eat. This is where the EVOL Foods Teriyaki Chiken Bowl comes into play. I used to eat Lean Cuisine’s like they were going out of style for lunch and needed something quick to replace these. The EVOL Foods bowls offer four different meals that are gluten free; Teriyaki Chicken Bowl, Fire Grilled Steak Bowl, Chicken Enchilada Bake Bowl, and the Bean and Cheddar Enchilada Bake Bowl. I so far have only tried the Teriyaki Chicken, which comes frozen, and is super tasty!

Plus, I realized today that there are these cute little points on the side of the box. I looked online to see what I could get by saving these points, and currently by saving up the points (48 to be exact) and UPC’s you can get a free EVOL Foods T-shirt! It does say that they have the right to change out the gear, so if a T-shirt isn’t your style you could save up until something new appears!


These are a bit more pricier than some meals, but with the quality of the product, and the taste combined I’m okay with spending a bit more. Plus they have a coupon! (See previous post to find the coupon). Not to mention the fashionable t-shirt you will receive if you eat enough of them!

Have you tried any of the other flavors? Let me know what you think!



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