Pillsbury Gluten Free Goodness




I have yet to post about my grocery shopping fiasco, but amidst all of the chaos of starting a gluten free lifestyle I happened across these little tubs of goodness. Yes, you are seeing right Pillsbury has come out with a gluten free version of some of our favorites.

Now being newly gluten free I am slowly coming to the realization that not only does being gluten free meaning a smaller section to shop in the grocery store, but it also means that a lot of meals now need to be absolutely homemade, including ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies. Thankfully, I stumbled across Pillsbury’s tub of cookie dough in the refrigerated section and had to give it a shot.

I was skeptical as I have tried a few gluten free sweet treats so far and have been very disappointed. Yet, I popped these in the oven and although they don’t spread as much as some cookies, they were still absolutely amazing! I am completely hooked. I love the fact that they are in a tub because it means I can make a few cookies one night, throw the tub back in the fridge and make some more a different night. 

These will most definitely be a go-to from now on! 

*This review is my personal opinion and I was not endorsed or sponsored by Pillsbury.*


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