Grocery Shopping Fiasco

Ok, I think it’s finally time to discuss the grocery store fiasco. Now first you must picture that this is my first time shopping for gluten free products for myself, as well as shopping for regular products for my husband, all while maintaining a budget. 

Now, being a first timer I wandered the aisles becoming slightly discouraged as I was not finding many items that were gluten free. Yet, I soon realized that my store actually has a completely Gluten Free section, it was like the heavenly choir was singing when I discovered this. Next sticker shock sets in. Oh my goodness Gluten Free items are not cheap, especially not compared to their gluten filled counterparts. That was not going to get me down! 

I found a few items that I thought I could live with such as Evol Frozen Entrees, and Udi’s Gluten Free frozen bread, then I ventured into the snacks/sweets section. I have a major sweet tooth, and this is where the biggest disappointment appeared. I am an extremely picky eater (hence the name of the blog), which means trying to find a gluten free sweet that also tastes good was a challenge. I became so frustrated that I walked out with Gluten Free Rice Krispies and decided I would make my own sweets. This only left me craving sweets for the rest of the week, as normally I am a Lucky Charms kind of gal. 

Once you get over sticker shock, a lack of selection, and the undeniable dilemma that you will now need to actually cook some of your meals, going grocery shopping for gluten free items really isn’t all that bad. Plus, this weekend  I took my husband and he seemed to help me find a few goodies! Some of the items we found were: Larabar Gluten Free bars, Pillsbury Gluten Free cookie dough, Gluten Free Chex for muddy buddies, and Udi’s Gluten Free muffins! 



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