Gluten Free Coupons

Shopping for gluten free items can sometimes be a little rough on the wallet, so I have searched to find a few coupons to lighten the load. A lady at the grocery store today giggled when she saw all of my coupons, then when she realized they were for gluten free items she basically followed me around asking how I had gotten all of them. Most times you have to go to the websites of the manufacturer, and every once in awhile you will find a few in the Sunday papers. Here is what I have found:

Udi’s Gluten Free products: coupon can be found at You will have to enter in your information and they will email you a coupon, so check your junk folder.

Evol Foods: now not all of these products are gluten free, but some are and they are amazing! This link will take you to their Facebook page, where you will have to click on coupon and like the page.

Glutino Products:

Kellogg’s Gluten Free Rice Krispies: you can sign up for offers and coupons on the Kellogg’s website. Here you will also be able to sign up for Kellogg’s Family Rewards to enter in codes found inside the boxes of Kellogg’s cereal. 

Bob’s Red Mill Mixes: they offer a coupon if you email them and request one, which will then be mailed to you. They also offer a monthly email which offers specials on products purchased through them.

Schar: if you sign up for the Schar club they often offer coupons for the products they offer. Currently, they are offering $3 off of any Schar gluten free bread product.

Crunchmaster crackers: you must sign up to receive coupons.

These are just a few of the coupons I have found for now. If you happen upon any other’s or see some in the Sunday paper please let me know and I will add them. Please also let me know if any of the links are no longer working and I will remove them. Thanks!


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