Gluten Free Restaurant Dining

This past weekend hubby and I went shopping out of town. This meant that I would need to find a restaurant that would fit my gluten free needs. I was a bit worried about this until I began a quick search for restaurants in the area. 

While I may not be able to just order a burger and fries anymore, at least not with the bun, I didn’t want to be completely limited on what I ate. We ended up stopping at a Longhorn Steakhouse and once again I pulled out my phone and began searching for gluten free items I could have there. When the waiter came hubby so kindly (I’m a little afraid of asking questions), asked if they had a Gluten Free menu. “Of course!” said the waiter, much to my surprise! I was able to pick off a very large menu, and it even gave me items that were previously gluten free but with small changes would now fit my needs! 

This led into my quest for more restaurants that I could dine at with no worries! Here are just a few in no particular order:



Olive Garden-

Red Lobster-

Longhorn Steakhouse-

P.F. Chang’s-

Outback Steahouse-






Most of these links are not only handy if you are gluten free, but also if you are allergic to any other foods, as most links contain all allergens.

If you have any favorite restaurants and would like to see a Gluten Free menu from them let me know and I will try to find one!




Pancakes (Breakfast for Dinner!)

Last night we had breakfast for dinner, one of my favorite meals! We had previously tried Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pancake Mix and weren’t too pleased. It had a weird taste to it, that neither of us truly enjoyed. Not that it was terrible, just not what we were used to. I thought that due to them being Gluten Free I was always going to run across this weird taste when having pancakes.

We decided to give pancakes one more shot and purchased a Bisquick gluten free pancake mix. These tasted just like normal pancakes! We tend to add different accents to our pancakes such as jam, syrup, butter, peanut butter, and cinnamon. Not all at once though!

What do you like to eat with your pancakes?

The Best Brownies EVER!

Brownies, warm gooey chocolate brownies. I love brownies! I often make a pan and my husband and I will grab a fork and finish it off within two days. So being gluten free I knew I needed to find the BEST brownie recipe, also lacking creativity, I bought a mix. Bob’s Red Mill brownie mix was simply the least expensive and therefore the first one I figured I would give a shot. It turned out to be the best decision ever! Not only are these super easy to make, they are gluten free, and they turn out to be the softest brownies I have ever had. Now I usually love the crusty exterior of a brownie, but I have fallen in love with these, which can sort of be described as “cake like”.

It does say in the instructions to use a mixer, but I didn’t feel like lugging out my big mixer so I mixed it with a spoon by hand. You know, the old fashioned way, and it turned out a little lumpy, but this had no affect on the overall product.




A bag of Bob’s Red Mill Brownie Mix, butter, an egg, and vanilla is all you will need to enjoy this delicious treat! Do you have a Gluten Free brownie recipe you’d like to share? 



I love Apples! 

It’s getting to be that time of year when you head to the orchard and find the biggest, best bag of apples you can find. Then take them home and try to think of ways to use the biggest bag of apples you’ve ever seen. I am a huge fan of simply eating a fresh apple dipped into peanut butter or caramel. The only setback to this is that I hate having to take an apple, a corer, and a knife with me to work. Yes, I am also picky about how my apples are cut before I eat them. You’ll notice a trend to my pickiness.

Anyways, I stumbled across something, somewhere. Either Pinterest, Facebook, or just some random person saying “Hey try this”! They said that if you dipped an apple, once cut, into Sprite or 7up, it would not brown as fast. I just so happened to have 7up in the house and gave it a shot. 


 I put my apples in face down, as this is the area that browns. I let them sit for upwards of

5-7 minutes, then poured the 7up back into the can (tastes amazing!).



I closed the lid, it’s not super airtight, but tight enough, and placed them in the fridge.

Then 12 hours later to my surprise this is what I found:


They had browned slightly, but definitely not the gushy mess you usually find.

The very first bite had a slight 7up taste, but from there on it was all apple!


I make a Snicker’s salad that includes apples and browning always becomes an issue. So, I may have to try out the recipe with this added tip to see if it makes a difference!


Copycat Gluten Free Pizza Recipe

I currently live in the great state of Wisconsin, which is fantastic! You get to experience all four seasons, there’s plenty to do no matter where you go, and the food (for the most part) is amazing! Plus, if you happen to be a sports fan we have some pretty great teams here!

All in all it’s an amazing place to live, and there’s only one thing missing. Salsarita’s. Anyone ever had Salsarita’s? I used to live in North Carolina and visited this restaurant quite frequently. They have great salads, burritos, and pizzas!


Anyways, long story short I have been craving a Salsarita’s pizza. So, I figured I would give it a shot and make one of my own!

I tried Udi’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust the other day and thought it would pair perfectly with this recipe. Salsarita’s uses a tortilla, but I don’t have the appliances to cook it like they would to make it super crunchy, so thin pizza crust will have to do the job!


Udi’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Queso Dip (These are with the salsa’s and chip dips)

1/2 lb. Ground Beef

Taco Cheese (any cheese will do really)


Any other toppings you enjoy on a taco pizza! (Tomatoes, olives, jalapenos, green onions, etc.)

Directions: Brown, drain, and rinse your ground beef. Spread queso dip evenly onto your pizza crust. It does not have to be spread thick, just enough to cover your crust, make sure you leave some room on the edges for a crust. Layer cheese, and ground beef on top. Then cook. I simply followed the directions on the Udi’s package, and it turned out great! You can then layer the rest of your chosen ingredients.

Now this is one of the recipes that is completely up for interpretation. If you like the taco feel and don’t want your tomatoes or any other toppings to be warm, then add them after the crust, sauce, cheese, and ground beef have already been cooked. If you’d rather it had more of a pizza feel, layer on the ingredients and cook them all at once! This is such a great recipe because you can really cater it to anyone’s needs!

Have any questions? Please feel to ask. Also, please feel free to share this page with friends and family!

Disclaimer: Please note that all of these opinions are mine and I am in no way sponsored, or endorsed by any of the brands on this page.

Udi’s Gluten Free Blueberry Oat Muffin Tops

I have been up since 6 am due to the fact that some crazy telemarketer has decided she needs to call me repeatedly. Silly me, forgot to put my phone on silent and here I am posting on the blog! 

So, Saturday mornings mean coffee and breakfast. I am not a crazy breakfast eater and most mornings will go without, but there’s just something about breakfast on Saturdays. So, today I tried out Udi’s Gluten Free Blueberry Oat Muffin Tops.


Oh, My, Goodness! They are amazing, I think I’m in love. Best part? They are super quick and easy. They come premade, frozen, and individually packaged. You just take one out, heat it up (I chose the microwave for 30 seconds) and then enjoy! These would be great for the mornings that you need something quick for on the go as well.

I’m thinking they will pair great with Green Mountain Coffee’s Wild Blueberry K-cups!