Beginning my Gluten Free Adventure

Gluten Free: It’s something that seems to be popping up everywhere. Well, until recently I paid absolutely no attention to those two words, nor did I watch how I ate, at all. The only thing I cared about in food was that I liked it. Now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t eating McDonald’s every day, but a bowl of Lucky Charms was usually what was for dinner. Along with not watching what I eat, I am unbelievably picky. You could probably name 10 foods and I wouldn’t like at least 6 of them. This means that my cooking skills, and kitchen knowledge is somewhat basic, until it comes to baking. I thoroughly enjoy baking and making sweet treats for anyone who requests them, until now.

I have long struggled with, we will call them stomach issues, and what it seems to boil down to is Celiac Disease. This means that I must now go from my extremely picky eating unhealthy habits, to carefully selecting everything I eat to ensure that it is Gluten Free. This means that I jumped right on the computer and thought to myself, “This will be easy! There are so many Gluten Free options!”. Which will later lead into my grocery store fiasco.

Now that I am done rambling I’ll get to the meat of this story, I am a picky eater who is now adventuring off into the unknown world of Gluten Free eating. I welcome you to come on this adventure with me as I explore new and hopefully tasty foods and recipes!